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lavabox usb port


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It is not insecure, if you look at the way it is mounted to the board I have not seen any e-cig with a more secure USB socket they are normally just surface mount in the same orientation as the board, but these perpendicular ones have a much stronger mountain to the board.  I have never seen a Micro USB socket mounted to anything but the circuit board, never to the case.

TBH the cable not going in flush is a non issue IMO, the mod maker could have made the case a few mm thicker and everybody would have a bigger mod so the cable looked neat, but I think most people would rather have the mod kept compact.

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Margucci said:

by more secure i didnt mean how the port is attached to the board. i mean how secure the cable is being held in the port. a little snap in would be nice. 

Not got a Lavabox but both my DNA200 the cable is secure enough the support the weight of the mod.  Looking a the plugs there are 2 sprung locking lugs on the underside and maybe they are weak on your cable.
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