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Slow escribe software


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So I picked up a preproduction model Hana dna200 yesterday and I just got to install the escribe software ony PC and it runs really slow. Almost to the point where is it unusable. I'm running windows 8.1 64bit,Have a intel i7 920, 16gb ram. Any suggestions

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Brandon said this a couple days ago:

BlackouTT, I was having a similar issues yesterday and James determined it was server connection related.  In other words, I think there may have been some connection issues on our end.  I know that James is looking into it.

Maybe this is what you are seeing. I run windows 8.1 64 bit too without issue. Maybe uninstall and try again?  

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I'm still in the midst of building mine. just drilled my holes for buttons and 510 and stuff today. But EScribe doesn't really run at all. The program will load up to me being able to see the "General" tab, and the software update or whatever and change log slowly come up on the bottom of the screen, while my cursor changes to the circular loading cursor. I can't click on anything, program is still active, not crashed. My PC ain't slow either, it's a gaming rig, so I know it's not client side processing issues.

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