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  1. BlackouTT

    Burnt Fuse Replacement?

    I was speaking to my Evolv rep and he said that Evolved offers refurbishment of boards with burnt out fuses. How do I go about getting mine replaced?
  2. Bump! Still doesnt work for me...I got my mod built and connect my board to the computer and used Escribe. It auto detects the device, and automatically downloads the settings into Escribe, but again I can't click on anything and nothing is highlighted when i move my cursor over it, unresponsive as before for me....
  3. BlackouTT

    Slow escribe software

    I've already said that I'm in the midst of building mine a few posts ago. I haven't connected it before since i have done any soldering yet. im working on the box itself.
  5. BlackouTT

    Slow escribe software

    No proxies. absolutely no antivirus or even a firewall. i go all natural lol i've unplugged all my usb devices but my mouse to see if it was trying to read my other USB devices, but that didnt work either
  6. BlackouTT

    Slow escribe software

    John, i just uninstalled the old version and installed the newest version and im still get no response, just a spinning cursor and cant click on anything.
  7. BlackouTT

    Slow escribe software

    I can't click on anything at all. as soon as the program start i get a loading symbol. I'm busy uploading a video atm for the other thread...
  8. BlackouTT

    Slow escribe software

    I understand that, but as soon as the update log and request to update software thing comes up from the bottom of the screen it gets laggy and freezes
  9. My mod isn't completed yet. I've been trying to open the program to start making some presets and changing the screens in preparation of a completed mod, but the program becomes unresponsive just after opening
  10. BlackouTT

    Slow escribe software

    I'm still in the midst of building mine. just drilled my holes for buttons and 510 and stuff today. But EScribe doesn't really run at all. The program will load up to me being able to see the "General" tab, and the software update or whatever and change log slowly come up on the bottom of the screen, while my cursor changes to the circular loading cursor. I can't click on anything, program is still active, not crashed. My PC ain't slow either, it's a gaming rig, so I know it's not client side processing issues.
  11. BlackouTT

    Slow escribe software

    Yea, I"m still have the same issue after almost 4 days now.
  12. after 3 days escribe still doesnt load up for me. even tried the older version in the other thread and still no response...
  13. Did you try uninstall and reinstall it back?[/QUOTE] I've already tried doing so. trust me, that'd be the noobiest mistake. haha I kinda figured that'd it wasnt client side, but i didnt see anyone else post on here yet about any issues.
  14. I'm having issues with the startup of the actual Escribe program. I click the icon to startup the program and I can see the popup on the bottom slowly come up for the sftware update and then my cursor starts spinning as if it were loading, and it just stays loading. waited 20 minutes at one point and still no response. The program isn't crashing neccessarily. I can't quite figure out the solution. Can someone give me a hand in troubleshooting?