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wismec reuleaux "warranty service"

Spector NS5 RD

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plugged my reuleaux into escribe to check on individual cell voltages. had boxes: cell1 cell2 cell3 pack voltage checked. took a few vapes, everything's fine. took another vape, watched cell 1 climb to 5.03 volts then the screen threw up a garbbled "warranty service"(looked like an older dna 40 large screen glitch with the warranty service message all scrambled in there.). unplugged from escribe, hit fire button, relo rebooted and working fine again, for now at least. just wondering how long before this happens again and completely dies on me. band gap is hovering between 1.030-1.047. what would cause a voltage spike from my batts? a usb voltage spike? i have noticed once in a while a spike in usb voltage (how much voltage im not sure, lets say a 1.25 inch tall spike above normal usb voltage, since you can't see highest graph points in device monitor) while in escribe so now i turn the current to zero when in escribe to protect my devices.

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