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SMY SDNA 200 & Realeaux setting up.


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hi, new to the forum and a shamefaced newb post. I got carried away last month and took advantage of the preorder price on the SDNA200. Although I've been fairly happy kanthal and nichrome I can safely say that titanium and SS are a huge step into the satisfying vape zone.

The thing is looking into setting up my Realeaux properly has made me realise that my SDNA is set up wrongly.
I've been really lazy and ran my SMY on default settings, the first 25% of the battery goes quite quickly but so far I haven't hit the soft cut which I suppose has been a small bonus.

Has anyone else got one of these and have they made a true profile of the battery, is it close to the 3x1600mah? I know that I should have run the battery and case tests by now but I have ordered some 100w resistors so it won't be long before I start to do things properly

Voltage read 4.2 on all cells with 3x720 mah for 9wh? I've changed that to nominal of 11.1 with 1600 and got 17wh which is a big step up in indicated longevity. In the event that the battery test actually gives me a solid 4.2v cell reading that would give me 20wh, should I up the base profile? Thats a lot of extra TC vaping at 50w.

Realeaux......I have VCT4s, 3.7v x 2100 mah gives me 23.31wh on the calculator, I saw a profile for these in this thread


I can't change the file type.  Wonderful windows 10 has wrecked my personal settings, updated stuff, made printer, camera, phone incompatable...(oh why oh why did I let it upgrade) and my microsoft works has now upgraded and expired even though it wasn't free and shouldn't have expired..grrrr

  Would anyone anyone be able to post a downloadable CSV file?

thanks Steve

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Read this in another forum... valid??? Not sure???

the reuleaux comes from wismec with the sony vtc4 battery profile out of the box, so yer good to go. those are the batteries they used when they ran battery analyzer. just check in escribe under the mod tab, manufactures settings and look at what was input for the watt hours. i recall seeing 21 point something before i changed it to 28.39 for my lg hg2's.

From Wismec web site:  http://www.wismec.com/product/reuleaux-dna200/            is this Escribe file....    

ecig W009-151116-2.8V-CASEJB.ecig     
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thanks dc, thats the file I downloaded. tbh I wasn't sure how valid the wismec profile was because when I loaded it the wh was different to the manual setting. oh well I'll run on the safe side for a bit longer and set it up properly when the resistors arrive. will be good to see how close the case profile is to wismec's specs too. The SMY is a different beast with the new setting already, looking forward to getting the Reuleaux sorted.

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