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Problems with Lipo 3S first Installation


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Hi Guys, Ihave Probs to get my Mod started. In Escribe I can see that the pack has 0,00V and the same is with each cell. When I connect the Battery and press Fire Button with an atty attached the DNA said check Battery. That is clear, because there is no Battery to see in Escribe. I have messured at the Board and there is definetly Volt and also I can Messure each cell at the balancer connection and they are fine. The second thing is, when I connect it with USB then it spents ten seconds and the Display switch to Loading screen where I can see the three cells, because I choose it that way in Escribe. But there is the same in the Display, each cell 0,00V and no Loading Bar and no Flash-sign. I can adjust and choose everything you can find in Escribe, so the Chip works but the Power supply is the Problem. Has someone any Ideas ?


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Test your balance plug with a multimeter.  That red wire should be your battery positive.  The neg wire is on the opposite side.  Why would a company use a red wire for a negative side?

Unless if that brand of lipo manufacture doesn't follow standards you have it hooked up backwards.  

My money is on your balance plug backwards.  Does nobody else see it??

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