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New to LiPo's charging question


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I just got a Lost Vape Efusion and was hoping some one could help me with a question I had about charging.
From what I've researched LiPo's don't have any kind of charge memory, but I want to be safe.
First when charging on my pc through a usb 3.0 port Its charging at 0.49a, and all cells are the exact same voltage according to Escribe.
My question really comes down to this. I charged the device over night then vaped on it all day till I went to work. When I got to work it was down to about 30% charge. I have a 100w power inverter with usb charging in my truck so going in to work I put it on to charge. It was charging at 0.70a. I came out on break unplugged it and vaped, then put it back to charge till my lunch break. At that point it was charged to about 70% so I just took it in to work with me after lunch for my last break and didn't put it back to charge again till I got home.

Will it hurt the battery to charge in a maner such as this? I'm not familiar with LiPo's and don't want to shorten the packs life. As a precaution I've set the cell soft cutoff to 3.2v just to be safe in escribe to keep the pack from discharging to low.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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It will not hurt, in fact never fully charging and never fully draining will probably extend the life of the cells. google Battery University there is a loads of good info there.  You only get 0.49 A from the PC because Windows limits it to that, you could probably get up to 0.99x A with a USB power supply via your inverter and at home/office.  The cut off is the min under load voltage, the default of 3.09 is good for LiPos, maybe lower for 18650 if the absolute max run time is important to you, having that a little higher and more so choosing the max-recharges setting in EScribe will extend the working life of your cells.

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