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wont turn on


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So I wired everything up with xt60 worked like a charm so now it's time to put in box so I find out it won't fit with the battery connectors so I cut them off and wire directly to the board finish everything now it Wont turn on I'm so frustrated I have been doing this for 4 months and have over $200 invested so what could be going on any help would help thanks and pray for me lol

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Well I've fried one board doing the same, so... You can try to connect to Escribe, failure disconnect the balancer and connect to Escribe .. failure desolder the battery and retry. If hopefully when Escribe recognizes the board then perform a hard restart. If the board is fried then arrange an RMA with Evolv. I'd use an inline banana (bullet) connector next and not directly solder. I understand the size constraints, but I also understand all of the Cons.

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