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Ni200 non resistant wire

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I have 26AWG pure ni200 non resistant wire. Is there a difference in ni200 and ni200 non-resistant?

I have built 18 wraps dual coil build around a 4mm nail, with no gaps in coil.
According to steam wirewizard, this should be .105 ohms resistance (since it's dual coil, I did 9 wraps single wire in the tool instead of 18 wraps. I saw similar results in wizard if I set 18 wraps and selected parallel wire). However, my dna200 reads it as .05 ohms resistance; half of what the wizard states it should be. Since the battery won't do more than 27 amps, I'm not sure this is safe since 80W at .05 ohms is 40 amps. I'd have to go to 35W to be safe, but then no vapor is produced.

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It depends on the purity, it could be, Ni200 >= 99.6% nickel.

That is 2 x 19 warp coils for 0.109 link and 0.05 would be 2 x 8.5 wrap coils link

The DNA will not fire at too high current, but even though the batteries should be >= 23 A, the board can output up to 55 A from that safely as the voltages are different.  The board converts both current and voltage.

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