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noob ? my battery indicator shows empty


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Hi got my reuleaux on friday got 3 x vtc 4s (2100mah) fully charged battery indicator shows full after 8-10 hrs indicator shows empty but when checking in the software shows batteries at 3.6v
been using it with empty indicator for 4hrs and batteries showing as 3.45v any ideas

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heres the answer. your watt hours are set incorrectly. under the mod tab - manufactures settings - and check what number is in the field for watt hours. 23.31 is the calculated number, but i recommend you run battery analyzer for your specific vtc4's. 3.6 volts is not dead for an 18650. 2.5 is dead. enter anywhere between 2.8-3.0 volts for cell soft cutoff. please do ur self a favor and this entire tnread. help u get knowledge.      


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