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EScribe works in Wineskin on Mac, but there are no Mac drivers. Evolv, please give us drivers!

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So, last week I used Wineskin on the Mac to wrap Escribe up into a working Mac app and it seems to work as far as the functionality of the software. However, there is no communication with the chip in Mac OS X.

Pic proof: https://i.imgur.com/IEU9vMm.jpg

I believe if we just had drivers for the board, we could use this as a viable solution without having to run the software in a VM or install Windows (Bootcamp) on our machines.

Any chance of this happening?

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PinheadX said:

The problem with VMs is if you're doing a firmware update and something interrupts the USB port, you can brick your chip. This would prevent that from being an issue.

Brick sort of.  I have bricked mine twice with a paused firmware update.  Each time it was recoverable.  There are a few threads about the process, but the front loader portion of the chip has a fall back interface for recovery.
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