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Dead Screen


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I can't remember but does the screen come on with just USB and no battery attached? Was using it in another box with a lipo. Switched boxes, board holder and was about to solder up dual 18650 sled decided to hookup to escribe first to change to 2 cell and the screen doesn't come on. Escribe reads, uploads and downloads fine?
Please help I am so frustrated I want to throw the whole thing in the trash!

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Ok peeps tried locking and locking stealth mode in and that is not the case :(
It was in another mod I had built working flawless 1590 A+. I took it out was in the process of building it in a G+ with dual 18650 sled. Got it all soldered up mounted to my board holder decided to hookup to escribe to switch to 2cell and thats when I noticed the screen had stopped working.
I'm going to finish the build except for epoxy and see where I am at at that point.
I have emailed Evolv about a replacement screen or eta on screens. At this point I may just sell what I've got and call it a day!?
Thanx everyone for the help and suggestions.

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oh good grief,,, pulled a few dna 40 large screens for re building and become so used to murdering the screen, buying a replacement was top of the materials list before even starting, but at only a fiver a time,, none of us new they were to become as rare as rocking horse ****, I would shelve it for a while see what turns up in the new year..........
in a 1590a I haven't even managed to replace a firing button or charger board without killing the screen.

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