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Soft cell cutoff not working

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I have bought two batteries now and the board will drain both too low. Right now cell 1 - 1.9v, cell 2 - .96v, cell 3 - 1.98v. I have set the cell cutoff to 2.7 but the board seems to ignore this. Any help would be appreciated as I have no idea what is going on because it happened with two batteries. The batteries will work fine for a few days to weeks then drain way below. So now two batteries are garbage because the board or can i salvage them with a external charger?

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I believe for my lifepo4 battery or a bug in software I have to change the soft voltage cutoff and upload settings for it to work correctly. I want to try battery analyzer, as I am messing with the curve but afraid of frying something and the meter for lifepo4 is a crapshoot anyhow due to how the battery acts.

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