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Watt hours setting wrong?


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Please excuse the basic question here but I am new to ALL TC more to to DNA and Evolve.

Escribe has shown my batteries Watt hours at 15.2, but my box specs tell me that it is 1800mAh. That gives me a Watt hours of 19.something, escribe not available. BUT my batteries show a 4.2V charge on ascribe acress all three cells. Would I be correct in assuming that the 1800mAh for my cells is bogus? or have i got incorrect settings somewhere that I need to fix up? TIA

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Of the posts that I've seen relating to the Lion 1800 mah battery that comes in the Vapecige the actual capacity is around 1250 mah to 1300 mah. 

That would definitely explain it then. I have a ticket in to Vape Cige, and although I know they have seen it they haven't yet replied. but these figures sound right to me. Thankyou.
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