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Well... My VS DNA200 Died...


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Didn't told you before as i was grieving...

Well, to be honest, i did not had too much time, but things happened quite fast:

Last weekend after waking up - VS full recharged, cup of water, coffee, first puff of the day, and it seemed weak... Am i sleeping? Try again, nothing... Let's go to Escribe.
Plug in - No connection

I want to mention that i was using a subtank with a modest SS build at 25W...

Well... Seems dead. Blue light when pressing the button, but no screen and no vapor.

Brief sms to shop owner - "DNA is dead. How we do?" - "No problem - Come to shop Monday. Have a nice weekend"

It was his first DNA funeral, so he didn't knew how to do. :D Called VS, and they arranged the shipping. Today i got a phone call. "Come here and pick your new VS"

So in less than a week things were solved :)

I've been during that time with a RX200, and it is nice, but... Not the same thing. However i did start to want also a Wismec DNA 200 - With 3 good batteries i have almost a full day of vape :) Let's say 2 sets of batteries for 24 hours, and it is quite good

The shop owner was not aware of those boards "burning", but with this service from Evolve and VaporShark, i'm not afraid to have several DNA's - If they go wrong, things will be solved.

So i must say: With that service, you earned a loyal customer ;)

Anyway, it raises a few questions on my head:

  • Did you already identified the problem source(s) that make the boards go wrong?
  • It's a problem with some boards from a certain time, or can happen to anyone randomly?
  • This replacement will happen for some good time, or we risk to burn it in let's say 6  months or so, and then only buying another one?
  • May ZipCharging have something to do with that? I always charge it at 2Amps...

Anyway, only after being apart from it for 5 days, i realized how i really need a DNA (or more) in my life :D

To finish, that was very funny to see friends at vape shop with mouth wide open, as i pull laptop to configure the new DNA to my favorite settings  :D

They did not imagine what a computer may do to this devices xD

Shop owner (and friend) was great, and VaporShark too.

Hope this one lasts a looooong time (The new one is also from 10/15/15, as previous one)

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I don't think it's fair to say there is a single defect that causes the boards to "burn" or stop working. From what I have read it can be several different things. Some, actually, that have nothing to do with the board itself. I am glad to hear you had a pleasant experience getting it fixed though. Like you mentioned, I knew once I took that first puff off my DNA 200, that my life would never be the same. I would be totally happy if this was the last device I ever owned-It is that good. There is something the DNA 200 has, that no other device can offer, that enhances the user experience. In my opinion, Evolv has set the standard, and is in a league of their own. I am definitely a proud owner of a DNA 200.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Second DNA Dead... This time started with some warranty message, and then only lite the screen when connected to usb... And it was only charging at 0.09A
Well, went back and now i have the option to have other from same date - What do i do? Take the risk? Or better to wait near 20 days to get one from other date?
I had also the chance to change for Rx200 plus money or SXmini, but i dont see myself without DNA 200 :D It is sooooo good while it last :D

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If it were me, I'd do the following:

1.  Wait for the new VS.
2.  Get the Wismec DNA 200
3.  Give it 1 more shot and get the same manufacturing date VS.

Talk to the store owner and ask for his opinion.  He can tell you if the VS mod has had problems as well as the Wismec DNA 200.  Let him help you make the decision with you.

Just my thoughts :) 

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I have two of them on my own museum :)

For me vapping material is like music - The Good Ones are not only the New Ones :D

One must prepare for the "Vapocalipse" xD


And saying that we just need "a drill, a file and a soldering iron" to build one... Can be that so simple? :D
I do not build them, but if i wanted to build, i would try to do something unique, and that ain't  as simple as that :)


But for that, also is needed some artist hands, and i don't have that skill level for sure :)

But i am happy with my (3rd) VS DNA 200. If this one dyes, will surely get a newer one.

Maybe i just need to get another DNA200 device (Wismec is a good option) to have always one when the other get any problem

Quite humble yet, but i'm building my own museum. I just started vaping for an year and 8 months... But it keeps me away from the two packs of stinkies i used before :)


Vape On ;)

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non taken, lamo,,

quote :: And saying that we just need "a drill, a file and a soldering iron" to build one:::

with a little P.M.A,  if I can build them anyone can, above pics are very nice inspiring mods,, (except for the brass one,, it looks like it might be haunted, lmo, no disrespect to the builder, each his own ect)  below pics, I have a few kanger sub tanks, an a few spare builds, no harm in a few spares, I ground out the base of the build deck to get better juice flow, cant remember if I ground the poles out as well, but I find I can just squeeze in a .40mm ni200 on a 4mm mandrill if I mount it upside down..
yes vape on,, all the best ;)

kangers22.jpg  kanger_base.jpg  museum_dnas.jpg

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Nice collection of devices you have there :)

Sorry if i was a bit "sarcastic" and went directly to top handcrafted artworks, but you also putted it too simple :) If one day i put myself into build a DNA 200 device i will put some use on the Dremmel that is resting for much time.

You start with a simple box and do all the holes and stuff by hand? The final results are very good. That seems a box i would definitely use

One of my Subtanks has that base. The other one already have the new one with the holes on the sides. But your base seems quite interesting... Have any leaks?

Personally i'm not a big fan of Ni200. Lately i've been using Nife48 and SS, but used Ti1 a lot.

I like the VS because it's size and portability, but vapping at higher watts, that battery has not a good range. That's also a good reason for my use of a Subtank. Usually i am in the 20-25W , battery life is decent and the clouds do not scare "Regular" people. At home or in "vape at will" places, i put other tanks or drippers, but then... I Must have a charger around. Charging at 2 amps is good also because of that. Many times it is used while charging:)

In the end, the most important is: To Vape and be Happy B|

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no worries our mate,

I do know that for all the tens of thousands of DNA200 production mods that are sold there are always going to be a few that are going to have a problem and this is the site where they are going to turn up, but in all very few, and to that end I could be talking about any product on any enthusiasts site.
but for your bad luck, I think you said your mods fail when using stainless steel, if it happened to me I wouldn't put any moor of that perticular brand anywhere near it.  some people will wind anything onto a spool and sell it you as something.. 

on the kanger coil base, no leaks, there is an o ring on the base but I haven't gone in as far as that, that's why I extended the original grove and then included two smaller ones, I also took a shave out of the bottom section of chimney above those holes, this was before they bought out the newer version with the hole in the chimney, (so kanger must have realised room for improvement),

to be honest its only been up until the past few months I haven't gone straight from the box as brand new to the work bench to make some kind of adjustments to either air or juice flow, with anything.  (if I was asked to recommend something at the moment it would be a goblin mini, it has awesome juice, air flow, and sound connection)

my mods, I haven't yet bought a mod only built my own, I do have a mech wooden twin, and a straight 100 watt that I traded a 1590a build dna40 tc for the two, so not bad.

sos, am on mobile at moment,, will replie pm asap..........

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