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Just wanted to check I have converted my device to 18650's correctly.

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I have converted one of my DNA200's to run on two 25R's. 

I changed the settings from 3S Lipo to 2S lipo-as I understand it is the same voltage as a 2S lipo, I gathered this is correct. 

Would someone be able to clarify I have set it up correctly? 

I also changed the watt hours to 18.5-I just don't have a battery curve, just a straight line from 4.2V down to 3.1V. 

Thanks everyone for your help-Conan.

EDIT: I also wanted to check that I can still use USB charging with dual 18650's. I have an external charger, but am worried I would accidentally reverse polarity due to my brain damage, so would like to use USB charging if possible. 

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Ahh OK-I was not aware of this-it is a hotcig V1 that Evolv made work for me (Seriously-Hotcig gave me a free V2 for all the hassle and now that has messed up-kind gesture, but it is ruining evolvs name). 

They was selling the enclosures, I had to get it directly from them, I did ask them but they didn't even know what Watt hours were when I spoke to them. 

I don't really want to take apart my working DNA200-my soldering skills are not what they used to be after the damage.

Can I use an alternate method then-just swap dead for live batteries, being very careful of polarity? 

I have a lot of batteries, over 25 18650's, and I have an extra set that are not used/married yet-I could keep them to switch into this, and the set that is currently in there also? 

Or is the soldering of the pins on the balance connector a must? 

Thank you for your help Nick :).

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I wanted to add- I had already charged VIA USB twice not knowing it needed soldering, as the hotcig instrucions did not mention this. 

If I DO continue to use USB charging, what will happen-if anything? 

The battery is selected as a 2S Li-PO, so I imagine it would just send power to a cell that is not there? 

Would this possibly cause any damage to the DNA200, as I want to use USB charging Ideally, but if I shouldn't continue using this method, I will use an external charger. 

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: I mean if I continue to charge via USB without bridging the middle pins on the rear of the balance tap-like I said I have charged it twice already not knowing, and it has charged fine to full capacity, so can I continue to use the USB charging without bridging the pins or will it damage the device? 

I kind of need to know-as the battery is nearly flat and I don't know wether to swap out the batteries or continue charging with USB. 

I think I WILL be able to simply bridge the two pins if I am honest, I just don't want to ruin a perfectly working device :(.

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I don't think it would cause damage, just that the chip would see a 3S battery with only 2 cells getting charges unless they have bridged pins 2 & 3 on the battery for you, does it have a 3 or 4 pin balance connector?

BTW pins 2 & 3 are not the middle, but the 2 closest to the positive lead.

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AHA! I have examined the hotcig battery enclosure-it only has 3 pins, so that is why it is working correctly. It is an actual 18650 enclosure designed to work with the device. 

So-they have in essence already done the step for me. 

Glad I wont need to break it apart. 

Thank you for the info tho vaping bad-it seems as the enclosure is designed for the specific device, this has already been thought of :)

So, that is why it is working fine, charging fine, and displaying fine in Escribe as it should. Very happy. Just need to get the V2 fixed now as it was reading batteries terribly out of balance, that were in fact fine when checked with a multimeter and on the EVOLV repaired V1, and now is reading them so out of balance it flickers on, but then back off immediately after the startup screen. 

I guess it will be another RMA, as I lack the capacity to repair it myself as I am brain damaged, but Hotcig is ruining the DNA200's name unfortunately, the V1 did not work correctly when it arrived and completely failed after a few days, Evolv fixed it and its going strong-so I know it is NOT evolv's fault-and my Efusion DNA200 also works flawlessly from the day I had it. 

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