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Wismec Reuleaux TC wandering


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basically I'm getting fluctuations between the resistance shown on screen to whats on escribe with known coils. It's my dual coil titanium buid that I have been making for a while now. the mod flashes 0.12 then rises to 0.2 whilst escribe shows 0.14 TC is obviously affected and either won't reach the limiter or the temperature doesn't register on the device monitor. I've checked the coils for loose legs, there are no hot spots and I've recoiled after stripping the dripper, only to get the same problem recurring. The build works fine on a different DNA200.

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It sounds like a connection problem and if you can eliminate the atomiser it could be the ground connection . The following may void your Wismec warranty IDK, there is a screw under the white foam plug in the battery sled that holds the ground connection from the batteries and tweaking it may solve your issue.

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