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Question about Screen -> Default Field -> "Last X"

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Just to be clear, "Last" is simply the last recorded value and NOT the max correct? Here is why I ask:

In a video I saw online, a guy is using TC, and he adds "Last Power" to Default Field 2, and then he says he tweaks the "baseline wattage" which is simply the power setting under the desired profile. He tweaks that to be in accordance of the "Last Power" which I think is useless because that thing is going to show a power that can bounce all over the place depending on what the TC algorithm is doing at that exact moment you let off the fire button...

Here is where I would REALLY like some clarification. In PBusardo's video he uses the Device Monitor to watch a 5 second puff. Settings are:

  • Power=100
  • Preheat=200
  • Tempurature=450
I took this screenshot in case you want to get right to the meat. You can plainly see the DNA200 completely ignore the power setting, BUT it hesitates because of it. You can see a severe overshoot due to the preheat wattage which in my opinion is THE ONLY SETTABLE WATTAGE THAT MATTERS WHEN IN TC MODE. Basically that last statement is what I want clarification on. Is this correct? Does setting "Power" in the profile settings even matter? For example, power=1 watt would literally be ignored by the TC algorithm (aside from possible hesitation).

EDIT: Actually... looking at that screenshot again you can see TC forces the power to hover around the baseline for a second... I dont understand why it does that. Coincidence? So maybe this is a better question?
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The "overshoot" is the preheat, that screen shot should have the temperature to more sense.

For the preheat duration it will fire up to the preheat power (200 W) until it reaches the desired temperature, on that screen shot it looks like it didn't quite reach temp so fired at full power (100 W) for a short time (flat section) until it reached temp (450 F) and then progressively lowered the power to maintain the temperature, it will not go above the set power after preheat is finished.

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 it will not go above the set power after preheat is finished. 

I think this might be key here to me understanding this. And yes, I think you're right if the screenshot had the temp it would make 1000x more sense.

So I guess based on all this, what is the proper action to take when dialing in power, preheat, and temp? Max preheat power, max power and then just let TC handle it?
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No calculation, I start temp low and build up to the taste I like. Then I drop power as I find that having a ramp up to the set temperature improves flavour compared to the coil hitting temp immediately. I will even drop preheat pinch and power if it is hitting temp too quickly

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