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Board died in my hand


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I have a DNA200 that I built. Been using it for around 8 weeks now. I run it at around 25W, with temp builds, almost exclusively. I have the board configured for the case, battery and internal resistance. Running a 12oo mAh Kinexsis Lipo.

I was vaping on it at work. Took a drag, exhaled. Took another drag, nothing happened. Looked at the screen...its blank. Plugged it into Escrib...would not connect. I am using the same USB cable that I configure all my mods with. Opened up the mod and checked the Lipo pack with a DMM, reading 11.55V. Checked the fuse with a DMM and it is good. For S&Gs, I checke my grounds and checked for shorts, all with a DMM.

This board literally just stopped working. The only thing I have done to the board recently was add the Ti profile for Sweet Spot Ti 0.4mm wire. I did that 3 days before the board died.

12299318_425461414329798_748165196353207426_n.jpg  12316365_425461474329792_3661589158615118010_n.jpg  12316132_425461234329816_3711314646314048717_n.jpg

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Like ChunkyButt said, try forcing a firmware update or try rebooting your computer with your mod hooked up to it to try and reboot it. If neither of those work, then open a ticket with Evolv through their homepage. I say it all the time, that Evolv has impeccable customer service. So, don't fret, your issue will be resolved. Good luck and keep us updated!

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So now I have 3 dead devices. Second device started giving me the "Warranty" error last night. Went through the same troubleshooting I went through with the first one. No issues found. Decided to replace the board in the first device with a new board I have in hand. Got it wired and installed. Hooked it up to Escribe to update the board. My computer started updating drivers for it right after I plugged it in. screen went black and will not turn on now. It will not recognize or connect to Escribe.

FML, 3 device dead in less than a week.

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