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Looking for Dead 200 Board

Michael Hancock

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I just use a good board, there not that delicate and you're really not going to be subjecting them to any kind of serious abuse handling them for mock-up really. I've even dropped them several times and never had a problem, only thing I'd caution to be careful of is, make sure the screen locking tab is closed and don't apply pressure to the screen locking tab, I've ruined one dna40 that way. other than that, I've been using live boards for years and built plenty of mods, never had a problem, even when the screens used to come permanently attached...   

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The only time use my junk board it to test the extension ribbon on the screens I've had the board heat up quick when there's a short and that's just from a USB power supply. But yeah in other cases I use the board that's going to be installed

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