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Question regarding limitations on 2s/3s and dual/triple 18650


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Recently is has came to my attention that 2 18650s should be able to push 200w no problem with a safe build. Other manufacturers with 200w devices can do this on their chipsets (or 175w-190w approx). I was just wondering why set the limit on the dual cell configurations. I know that the chipset could be run on 1 2 or 3 batteries it bases functionality on what voltage is being supplied, but I am just wondering why there is a limitation like this in place. I'm only asking because I like to build my own boxes and was wondering what would offset me from looking into other chips if someone is looking to push 200w builds (crazy, I know) Is it a failsafe to protect from a bad battery dropping voltage and keeping the other battery from balancing it? Isn't that what the balance charger is for in the first place? 

If Evolv or anyone has some information on this, please let me know as it would be very useful.

Thank You

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I'll volunteer that the DNA200 is a "buck" device not a "boost" or "buck/boost".  To achieve 200 watts at a nominal 7.4 volts would mean a current draw of just shy of 28 amps, kind of high for an 18650 IMHO.  I'd suggest just sticking with 3S LiPO packs for 200 watt DNA200 mods.  Keeps everything well in "spec".

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While your reply was semi-useful, didn't provide an answer I was looking for. So your saying it's due to the fact of the nominal voltage it runs at? So this means the other chips on the market don't run at 7.4? If so, why does it need to run at 7.4v, what else is it really powering that requires this compared to the other chips on the market?

I use 3S LiPOs right now so that's not even a problem. I'm just trying to pinpoint schematic wise why this exists. I'm wondering if because you push it too far the fuse would go off. 

retird you can push 200w on an unregulated mod easily with the right build, so I'm trying to really break this down. I get it that it's safety for most people, but I am well experienced at this point and want to look at reasoning of why compared to other chips it is limited. I mean for example how is the Fuchai able to do this without a third cell?

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