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Battery saving??


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It depends on your style of vaping, if you only touch the temp limit for a short time the watts will be more reinvent, but if you are vaping so it spends most of the time temp limiting then the watts you set will not make much difference, especially high watts as they will not be reached.  Lowering the temp would most likely save most battery for most people, especially vaping the second way.  Preheat punch will only make a tiny difference, I think more preheat watts and punch allow me to get my satisfaction from a shorter vape so probably save battery for me.

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Smokey1336 said:

Is it better to run lower degrees and higher wattage or higher degrees and lower wattage? And how does preheat punch affect battery? Any info appreciated thanks all

do some tests with what you just described with device monitor open pay attention to certain things like  wh drain of the battery, the amps being pulled by your atty during. i don't know if higher this and lower that will make that much of a noticeable difference. you figure no matter what it's energy in and energy out minus losses from the board. pretty much what vapingbad said, it depends on your style of vaping.
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