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Wismec-battery question, external or onboard charging?

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Hi everyone. 

I have had a Wismec DNA200 since I think early January, and I have 2 sets of LG HE4's, I have one set that I keep charged so that when the ones in the device are in need of charging, I have another set to swap straight into the device. 

I saw on another thread something about dead shorts though, I may have misinterpreted it though, and am worried I should NOT be using this method. 

I have moved the ribbon cable to prevent any future issues with that rubbing against the fire button. 

If I should be using on board charging, I will start doing that with just 1 set, and keep the others for when these start to have a noticeable drop in capacity. 

It would be great if I could continue to use the method I have been though, as I find it simpler to use one of my external chargers, which charges the 18650's faster, and I can use the device straight away with a fresh set. 

So, should I not use an external charger and change the batteries, or am I OK carrying on? 

I always ensure that the batteries sleeves are intact, and remove them carefully.

Thanks everyone, Conan.

EDIT: I should add, I also like to do this to rotate the batteries after each cycle, I rotate them clockwise so the front cell will become inside right ETC.

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