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.25 Coil reading .35+ , I'm not understanding this :/

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clank said:

So I have a DNA 200 with a .25 Uwell Crown coil. Ive had it in there for about a week, however the Vaporshark DNA 200 is still reading coil at .35+ Is this normal ?

are you vaping it in power or tc mode? since the crown coils are SS, the ohms will rise from .25 when firing in power mode. that is normal. if you're saying your COLD resistance is .35 then sounds like a connection problem somewhere = coil, coil base, dirty, loose 510 etc. check and see what the mod resistance is set to in escribe. i think VS set it to 0.002?  another trick = 'hard reboot' from escribe.

do you have other mods to get a resistance reading from the coil in question?

i know my .5 crown coils read as .52 in TC.
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I am having the same issue with my Tuglyfe DNA200. I am using a Cleito with the .4 coil. All my other devices read it as .43, but the cold resistance in escribe reads it as .63, and it is a very disappointing vape. Mod resistance is set to .006, tried a hard reboot as well, that did not solve the issue. 

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