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I can't find an easy firmware and I'm frustrated. I only use wattage mode and not temp control but these new tanks have materials for wattage mode such as Clapton, SS 316, etc. and I can't get the same vapor production at all on a .2ohm coil that I get on a Laisimo L1 dual 18650 box mod, which isn't the most powerful device. So can somebody help me? I know how to use the software but it isn't providing the performance I'm used to.

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A couple items, 1st is temp turned off and 2nd is Kanthal power set to 200 watts. If yes to both of these the only thing I can think of would be a wonky connection at the 510. Any chance of posting a screen shot of it firing showing both cold ohms and live ohms?
Also is the cold resistance showing pretty much the same on both mods and what is your mod resistance value set to?
Or just post what the cold and live ohms are when firing if that would be easier.
Be sure to list what the wire type is btw

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