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Project Sub-Ohm S200/Hcigar vt200 inflated battery specs?

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So a few weeks ago I purchased a PSO S200, which I know is a slightly modified and rebranded Hcigar vt200. Its advertised and sold as having a 1300mAh battery.
After 2 weeks I ran battery analyzer. Did 2 loops of 24g kanthal on a velocity deck  that came in at 0.98Ohm, ran the test at 40w
Came out at 9.78wh no where near the advertised 1300mAh battery.
Any one else have an s200 or vt200 come in that low? I talked to one of the guys at the shop I got it from and he said to email customer service to give them a heads up as there just going by what Hcigar is telling them.
Wondering if Hcigar is really being this shady and putting in a 900mAh lipo with out saying any thing or if I happen to have a dud battery, which I'd find very odd as they battery stays balanced and performs fine with that one exception of its capacity.

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