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So I thought of a really obnoxious idea...


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Just for the sake of ridiculousness, I plan to build a DNA200 box with a Maxamps 9000XL. I'm gonna need to save some money for a bit, and also work on finding a suitable enclosure. But I wanted to see if anyone else has built a box with a massive battery yet. The battery is a 9000mah, 100c, 11.1v 3s that measures 162mm x 45mm x 38mm, and weighs in at 654g. I'm sure a lot of you are screaming "Why?!" I'm more on the thought process of "Why not?"

My Tuglyfe and Releaux are small, convenient, great for taking to work or out to the park, or whatever for a few hours. But when I'm sitting at home chain vaping all weekend...I don't worry about size. I want something that's gonna have a battery that lasts forever and a day. Also, I just would get a kick out of some friends faces when I show up at their shop with this Bible sized mod.

...Also anyone that knows of suitable enclosures would be great.

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retird said:

Here isa link.... just figure out what size enclosure you will need and you should be able to find one here:


Yeah, I was already looking on there. Found a few that seemed to be okay. Was just trying to gather some ideas and opinions. Thanks for the link though. :)
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VapingBad said:

I don't know of any boxes, but you really don't need a high C rate battery when you are using something that big the mod is only going to use 23 A. 

Yeah I know. I was considering the 11,000mah version since its more mah and still 40C which is more than enough... But it's $50 more, so still debating.
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