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How does one create a complete profile, including TCR for an "unlisted" wire?


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the wire I mainly use in vaping is 24 gauge platinum/ruthenium (95%/5%). That 5% ruthenium is making a difference such that I cannot use the TCR for pure platinum...which is essentially useless because you can't really buy 100% platinum; it's always alloyed 5-10% with ruthenium or iridium (and a few others). common sense says that each alloy is going to have a different TCR.

There's throwing guesstimate TCRs and going the trial and error method, but unless I stumble across the exact TCR, it won't perform correctly at all temperatures and wattages.

Is there a more accurate way of determining what the EXACT TCR for this wire is?

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that's a very cool approach, except why use kanthal wires to the coil being tested? wouldn't copper or other non-resistive wire be better?

unless using wire that has basically zero variation in resistance versus temperature is critical; then you need kanthal.

mad scientist time in the kitchen!

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