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Device monitor problem


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When i go to real time monitor my device. It shows verything but the actual temperature of the coil/wire Im using. It just shows a ? This is of a Efusion Lovst Vape DNA 200. Im wondering if the micro usb is messed up somehow. It'd really disappoint me in the chips ability to be used decently. Ive barely had this mod. I tried to contact the manufacturer. But they just told me the model has already been discontinued. This mod sits at home only. Used the griffin tank and Velocity RDA and the Uwell Rafale. Never been dropped, nothing. Im at a loss for what to do?? James

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Does it still show "?" when you press the fire button?

All DNA200s show "?" when they are idle - the board is only measuring the resistance change (->temperature) when actually firing.

What does it say under the "Cold Ohms" and "Temperature Set" fields?

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