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Battery Error after externally charging - Dual 18650

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Hey forum.
Not a day after building (and using) my mod, the device starts throwing up a "Check Battery" error, this happened after charging one of my batteries outside of the mod to get them up to the same voltage.
Device monitor is reading:

Cell 1: 0.00 V - 0.01 V
Cell 2: 4.64 V

In mod settings I am set to LiPo 2 cell, using the Watt hour calculator, with the soft cutoff set to the default 3.09.

This is not the first DNA 200 I have had this error on, all of which have had to be sent back to Evolv for RMA.

If anyone could shed some light on this error at all that would be swell.

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Yes it still looks like it isn't reading pin 1, right next to the one labeled GND (balance connection). If you take your multimeter very carefully and read the GND and pin 1 on the DNA board, you should read cell 1 voltage. The DNA is saying it isn't there. If it is there, then the DNA board is defective. If it isn't, it is probably an open wire.

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