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  1. Merry Christmas all EVOLVE team and forum members!!!
  2. ChunkyButt200 Best job!!! I envy you.
  3. Maybe better: for your "cell soft cutoff" i would input a cutoff of 2.75 volts
  4. ari Atomizer have bad coil, create new coil, try again (clean atomizer dry !!!!!!).
  5. ChunkyButt200 say good words. Or https://www.amazon.de/Charge-Ladeadapter-AiPower-Samsung-Galaxy/dp/B01B63T7TE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476442068&sr=8-1&keywords=aukey+PA-T13 Have charger and good USB cable.
  6. Willy Sorry, but I don't have computer in mine pocket edit: Situation by YiHi SX350j chip software, one year's create updates when board run good. EVOLV create 1,5 year's DNA200 updates - don't have "full good work". Why DNA75 software work good? I'm sorry if anything incorrect.
  7. It's bad if DNA200 don't have update. My box-mod work with LiPo 3S1P 1000mA. If mod sleep, connecting to PC - dead battery meter. If mod sleep, connecting to charger - dead battery meter. No good situation if DNA200 don't have update. p.s.: ........ Sorry Admin said: ...may be....
  8. "Hcigar vti200" made long time ago, DNA200 board some use of energy, try to charge the battery separately, by one cell. I do not believe that DNA200 bad. VapingBad said true - "It should turn on" without atomizers. Try, if can.
  9. New battery work well after only 5-8 full charge - recharge. Everything will be fine. Don't recharge less 30% first times.
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