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Is there anyway to limit the Output wattage for Kanthal?

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I'd like to beable to limit my DNA200 devices to 100w max. Ive had a couple of mishaps where I laid the device down and something must have pushed on the + button and I hit it at 200w. Its happened twice to me. I have no need for 200w. 100w would be the max. I looked in the escribe software and there is an option under the Mod tab that says Kanthal Power Limit. I put 100 in there and uploaded the settings to the device but the device still goes to 200w. Is there another way? 

Thanks in advance!

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Sos to state the obviouse but also basic wattage lock,, while unlocked press up and down buttons together to lock on desiered power,, also standard five clicks of fire button to lock device, beffor putting in a pocket ect.. Someone i know keeps sitting on theirs and putting it into stealth mode and thinking the screens broke.

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