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Another board with a bad solder on and inductor.


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Please help!  Volcano seems to be ignoring me.  How do I get this fixed?  I do not have the solder skills or proper tools to fix this myself.  Im sure I would fry the board. 

This is my second DNA device.  The first was a first run Hana with a 40 in it.  That thing turned out to be all kinds of wrong.  When these work they work great.  Then they dont.

What do I do?


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black lace said:

Should have done the same with the hana as well if it was real..

I ordered the Hana the day of release of the 40 at 9 am.  It was real.  TC never really worked and I assumed it was the chip.  It turns out it was the box.  The 510 was crap, although Hana did replace it eventually when it just stopped making connection.  It now reads the wrong resistance so its useless in TC.  I havent used it in months.  Now this.... im so sad.
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Its not a cheap game and it does yer head in when things go wrong. I had the hana 30 and every time it fell a few feet off the dashboard onto the carpet it landed on the atty, so eventualy the 510 was just loose, ive built my own since and got some anti slip rubber mat stuff for the dash. i would put an rma ticket in, and a pic of the detached inductor block.

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