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Feature Request : DRY BURN , COIL SETUP and Voltage Adjustment mode

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"Temp Adjustment mode" added on eScribe 1.0.42.

Likewise "Voltage Adjustment mode" setup on Profile?.
 #Show Voltage on big screen. + / - adjust voltage. Watt and Temp Control is Off.

Likewise "DRY BURN mode" setup on Profile?.
 #Show Ohms on big screen. + / - adjust watt or voltage or temp.
 #Enhanced time protection setup (15sec/20sec)  more better!.

Likewise "COIL SETUP mode" setup on Profile?.
 #Show Ohms on big screen. +/ - is off.
 #Puff trigger : 1W / 0.1sec. sense coil reg.
 #measurement ohms on screen. hold display (until sleep).

usecase : 
 a.setup "DRY BURN MODE" on profile7.
 b.setup "COIL SETUP MODE" on profile8.
 c.adjust DRY BURN MODE Power and time protection on profile 7.

 1.Dna Function "power lock mode".
 2.Push +/- button select "profile 8".
 3.coil setup and check ( push puff ).
 4.Push +/- button select "profile 7".
 5.dry burn ( push puff ).
 6.select profile 8 and 7, make coil!.
  #like "tab 521".


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