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Can anybody help me troubleshoot a battery issue?

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So I'm gonna start off by describing the situation. My screen gave out on my mod because the connector got pinched underneath the firing button, so I took it apart and got a new screen. In the 4 to 5 days my mod was out I had it open with the board power connector unplugged but I accidentally left the balance board connector plugged in to the 3S lipo battery. By the time my screen came in and I got it installed and working the battery had drained down to about 10%. The device monitor now shows the charging current anywhere between 0.001A and 0.080A when it should be about 0.5A on my pc usb connection. I've been running a recovery charge with little help for about 12 hours now. Two of the cells are at 4.2 and the third cell went from ~3.9V to 4V as of now.

Is there any way to troubleshoot what the problem could be?

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the resistor bank responsible for balancing discharging is so tiny on the dna 200 (it has to be for space sake) it takes a very long time to balance any number of cells that aren't VERY close in voltage to each other. the dna 200 balances discharges instead of balance charges, same end result though. billw50 has the right idea, just let it do it's thing.......... it'll get there eventually.

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This is how I got my lipo balanced again after trying a couple hobby chargers that failed to do the job. Might be hard to see but the two wire from the Nitecore charger at attached to the appropriate cell on the balance connector. On the Nitecore end is a juice bottle with the wires affixed with tape. This worked quite well.
hile is appears that it's plugged in to to main power wires.... it is not...the T plug is just in the way of your view.

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