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Fatman Johnn said:

I recently purchased a S200 from one of my friends and the Lipo bit the dust. I've been searching all over the internet to find a replacement, and I had no luck. Any help will be appreciated.  

if you mean the project sub ohm s200, i'm pretty sure it uses the same lipo as the hcigar vt200. 1300 mah 3s 30c. here's one vendor who sells them. i would contact the vendor before purchasing to make sure it is in fact compatible with your s200. the stock vt200 lipo measures - 68mm x 30mm x 21mm. just make sure your choice matches those specs.

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For a new lipo pack giving you those readings would be very unusual. If you have a multimeter, we will tell you where to take readings. I would disconnect the lipo pack. As if it is the DNA200 board like I think it is, it will just drain cell 3 and ruin the pack.

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