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screen stopped working


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It could be a loose connection where the screen ribbon attaches to the board.  The screen is replaceable if the pixels just disappeared a little at a time, usually caused by a cracked screen glass or damaged ribbon. Sometimes the ribbon gets damaged as it gets pinched due to contact at the fire switch repeatedly until it just goes out...  

Best guesses so hope this helps...

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Someone posted a script to run or something (was it VapingBad?) that returns a code whether the screen is faulty or not. But something that I would do until this is posted again or someone finds it... is in EScribe under themes tab, see all of those capture buttons? Pick any of them and when you press one of them it grabs what is suppose to be on the screen at the moment. If that looks fine, that is a good sign. Don't upload to your DNA200 or save or anything. As it will change that screen. xD

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