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Just wondering, are there problems with the supply of DNA 75 boards? There are quite a few manufacturers that have been showing off devices that use this board but seem to just be trickling out to the market, so many of them seem to be pushing back their ship dates time after time....... makes me wonder if they are having trouble sourcing the 75! Can anyone shed light on this question?
So many devices that look great, just can't get them! 

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Really? I see plenty of DNA75s.

ecig.com - HCigar VT75 (in stock)
focalecig.com - SMY SDNA 75W TC VW Box Mod (in stock)
angelcigs.com - Vapecige SD Mini 75W DNA75 (in stock)
101vape.com - HCigar VT75 (in stock)
vapenw.com - HCigar VT75 (in stock)
myvaporstore.com - HCigar VT75 (in stock)
vapordna.com - HCigar VT75 (in stock)
vapordna.com - SMY SDNA75 TC DNA 75 (in stock)
gearbest.com - SMY DNA 75W TC Box Mod (in stock)
gingervaper.com - Boxer Mod V2 DNA75 (in stock)

And there are plenty more.

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Hcigar and SMY seem to be hitting the shelves now but I have tried ordering the Hotcig, Sd Mini and think vape box75 and even when they have indicated "In stock" they suddenly push the ship date out by a week. A week goes by and suddenly another week is added to the ship time! This has happened multiple times. SMY is finally on the way. No sign of when the others might ship.
p.s I have an order in with Angelcigs for the SD Mini, Which still says "In Stock" even with stock numbers! I Emailed them to say where is it after 2 weeks of waiting for something in stock, they wrote back and said "We don't know when they will arrive" I have questioned why they still list it as in stock but no reply has been forthcoming!

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