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Dna200 board Fire switch


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Well the reason Im using 20 gauge is cuz thats what i have on hand and a lot of it! I used it earlier for extending the jxt balance connector and threading a 20g solid wire through the holes is so much easier than messing arround with stranded wire. I noticed that they dont recommend it to be silicon insulated so what i concluded was that there really shouldn't be any current running through the fire button. Thats why I was like why does it matter what wire you use as long as fits. Am i right..?

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Very little current goes to the external switches (milli-amps) so use what you have on hand if you choose I guess... using 20 guage will cause no user issues except maybe fitting into thru-holes.  Solid wire has a tendency to break easier at the solder point than of stranded in my experience.  

Good luck on your build...

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