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How to see set wattage on TC screen

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With my new SMY DNA75, I am trying to duplicate most of the settings I have on my DNA200. On the mods main screen while in TC mode I like to see: ON RIGHT: TEMPERTURE ON LEFT COLUMNS: OHMS "material" WATTAGE In Escribe settings for the 75, I can't seem to find the "wattage" setting in the drop down menu. I like to set temp dominant, but it's nice to see the set watts as well on the main screen. Works that way on the 200. What am I missing? Thanks!

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Nah, you are well RESPECTED! At least in my book. :) It's something they should consider improving. Since the latest versions of Escribe know you set it for temp dominant, the software should allow you to select wattage in the drop down menu for that field. It's just logical. I'll go beyond saying its counterintuitive, and say it's incomplete code, not a bug, but certainly could be smarter. I've had to spend a lot of time rebuilding my settings from my DNA200, to the new SMY DNA75. At first I thought I cheat and load the 200 profile in, but all the mods settings for the electric parts, mod resistance etc. are different, as well as new settings for the LED button light etc. The good news was you can open two different setting screens in Escribe, side by side, and duplicate the fields you want. You still have to load custom screens etc. and I'm now glad I didn't get too crazy modifying all the 200 screens. Thanks for your help as always!

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