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The 2nd screen shot is not 0.006, I know the line shows 0.006 when the edit box is open, but if you cancel it reverts back to what is in that memory slot.   Did you change the value to something other than 0.006 and save or if you just cancelled then the TCR on the mod wasn't 0.006.

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I'll give it a go.

If EScribe is just opened and you put up the window to change the TCR of a particular material it will have .006 in the box by defaualt as well as show you the graph for that setting. Nothing is changed till you press"OK".
If EScribe wasn't been closed and you have changed the TCR of a material then it will show that number in the box by defaualt.
Again nothing is changed till you "OK" it

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GreekNick said:

Yes but why it is changing it to all other matirials

I don't think it is, as I said when you open the box to enter a TCR it defaults to 0.006, but this is not the value that is currently stored you need to compare the curves.  Because the profiles are not a single ratio TCR they cannot convert most of them to a TCR without loosing data so they don't try, this can be confusing I know, but it is what it is.   FWIW may values have never changed on the 2 DNA 75s I have.
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