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my triade dna 200 give me warranty service


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so recently got my triade dna 200 and i use my old battery form my rx200s. It's a set of 3 awt 18650 40A, after i install the batt on my mod it just give me  warranty service  i took the battery out and try the sony vtc4 and it work fine. then i try awt again and it just give me  warranty service  

i connect my mod to escribe and check my device monitor and the battery voltage is insanely different like 1.78 2.8 0.8

and i do the same thing with vtc4s and the voltage is about the same like 4.18 4.19 3.89

my question is the warranty service message is just telling me that the battery is not balance or my device is  defect 

thank you

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