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Potential DNA 250 owner looking for advice on first custom build


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I've been reading through a lot of the forums and am hoping to get some of you knowledgeable chaps in here to lend me some sage advice. I'm trying to make some decisions about batteries and box size. I think I'm leaning towards using a lipo battery for my setup instead of 18650s. I'm looking for big battery capacity. I use quite regularly. Currently I'm on two 18650s and they last me about a day. I'm looking for similar if not more capacity with a Lipo pack. Does anyone have any suggestions about what battery pack to get and what size hammond box that would make sense to use with it? 

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My experiance you will get 1300mah lipo and a dna200 board in a 1590g (no worries) havnt seen the data sheet for the 250. In a 1590b ive squeezed twin 2650's and a dna40 across the top and screen tucked down the side, a 1590b is a large box, but very suitable for a dripper and volume of battery storage. you need to sift through the (lets see your 200's section),, and i recomend .. modmaker.co.uk and stealthvape.co.uk for idears on boxes, anitomical drawings and dimentions are all up there. I would ditch the mitec buttons because using pushrods to the board buttons will use less space, , ive noticed your location in the US ,, a lot of folk on hear in the US use protovape,

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