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SMY DNA75 soft cell cutoff.


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Hi everyone. EDIT: Apologies, I have found that 2.75V is fine as a soft cell cut off reading the forum-please disregard this as it was already covered and my fault for not noticing. 

Today I got a SMY DNA75, that comes preset by DJlsb vapes, and noticed in the manual the soft cell cutoff is 2.75V, and checking on Escribe it is set at this level. 

Reading the data sheet for the 25R, I understand it is useable down to 2.5V, so is it OK to keep the setting of 2.75V for the soft cell cut off, or would it be best for me to raise it? 

I understand this setting is under load, and on some of my other mods batteries can sag to around 2.8V before the mod will not fire (Non customisable regulated devices). 

So, am I OK keeping the cutoff here, or should I raise it, and if so, what would be a good level to raise it too? 

Thanks everyone, Conan.

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