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Battery Bar issue


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I changed my setting in the manufacturers settings for WH from 14.4 to 22.2 still 2 cell LiPo on my VT133. My battery bar showed completey empty and I still had 3.7v in the batteries. I wonder if I should change it back to 14.43 like it was if that would make a difference. Definately not right. I probably should've left well enough alone I guess. Any ideas.

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Yep your right about waiting but I'm really glad there are people around like Steve to help and giving me all the settings for the mod that he went through the work to get was really nice of him. HCigar didn't put any of the manufacturers settings in like you might already know and it's working better now plus I notice the resistance on my atty went down to where the others showed it. Gotta love these DNA's and all the help that's available.

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