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Hotcig one battery issue.


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Hi everyone. 

I has two hotcig DX200s in my collection, the V1 and V2, and had converted the V1 to work with dual 18650's. 

I had a spare Li-Po for the mod, so thought I might as well use the Li-Po pask as my fiancee liked the device, and I can always go back to the dual 18650 config when I need too. 

Problem is, in Escribe the battery is reading at cell 1 3.8V, cell 2 0.1V, and cell 3 3.8V too. 

I have definitely changed the settings to a 3S LiPo config, so it is not that, and this pack did work fine last time trried it. 

Is it likely the mod is reading the voltage wrong-as i have noticed with the hotcigs the pins need to be slightly bent sometimes to get a true reading, or should I try a recovery charge just in case? 

I wish I had known the DR200 was coming out as it looks much simpler to swap LiPos in the device. 

Thanks everyone Conan. 

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