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Doubt about hcigar vti200


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HY, yesterday i bought one hcigar vti200.
for the moment i don´t have atomizers.
please, i have one question.
when the mod is in sleep mode, if i press the button fire, the mod will not turn on.
when i connect the usb cable, the mod turn on.
i worked with escribe without any problems.
probably it´s a characteristic of the circuit.
So my question: the mod turn on only with the atomizer mounted in the mod?
thank you for your help

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thank you for replies.
mine has lipo pack. it´s a little complicated to charge separately
for the rest, dna 200 works perfectly
i explain better: without usb, when goes to sleep mod, i press fire button and the mod turn on.
only when the mod is sleeping from a long time, i can not.
i checked the batteries and are all good.

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