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Baterry read one dock only

June shalat

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Hi, i am new user Finder75, i just realize that my baterry consumption is only on first dock(inner dock baterry) while the second(outer) dock is standby, so if i run out the baterry i have to change it/swip it from dock 1 with dock 2. My question is : 1. Is it normal? 2. If that abnormal is there any way to fix it? 3.if that is normal/abnormal, is there any harm? 4. Is it okay continuelly using only single baterry for dna75 without breaking the chipset? Please help me,...

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No it won't make it weak, your fine using one cell. VB is right, must be something wrong with the mod, not the board, if it only drains one cell. The board/chip was designed to run off one cell, your mod is wired to use two batteries in parallel, two batteries together in parallel doubles the capacity while keeping the voltage the same. When using them in parallel it's important the batteries are matched, ideally use two new identical batteries purchased together from the same source then mark them, keep them together, charge them both at the same time

Here is the page for the board where it states it's made to run on one, also here's a link for the data sheet & manual in a pdf file for the 75 in case you want to read it.



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