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Issues: the screen say to me "shorted"


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Tim0th3e said:

Nothing is write...

this is with an atomizer screwed on? de-solder the 510 wires from the board and see if you still get the "shorted" message. if goes from "shorted" to "check atomizer" the problem is in your soldering, wiring or 510. if it still says "shorted" even with the 510 wires de-soldered then somethings wrong with the board or something conductive on the board shorting it.
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ChunkyButt200 said:

this is with an atomizer screwed on?

Yes, an atomizer from geekvape

The box said me nothing when there isn't an atomizer. If I push the fire button, the box said me "ckeck atomizer". And when I put an atomizer, the box said me "sorted".
I verified and noting (buttons, solder) touch the box. And the 510 connector's soldering is good (check photo)...
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