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DNA250 Protovapor XPV Custom Mod $170 shipping asap between 6-8 weeks


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Protovapor.com has a 6-8 week estimated time for stock and shipping a DNA250. I Ordered Black on Lava Fullymax 11.1v 3S 900mah (9.99 Wh nominal) lithium-polymer. Eventually when it's in stock and shipped, is this lipo different than a VT200 Hcigar 1300mAH 3-s LIPO or is it the usual 900mAH 3-s LIPO found in the VS and Lavabox? Also is the amperage availability increasing if needed to 30amps or in the future adapting to up to 50amps as the board allows for technically? If the only change is wattage I'll try to switch my order to a 1300mAH LIPO extended battery XPV DNA 200 MOD. Thanks.

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The fullymax 900 is 30C 27 A continuous, just an amp under the max input current for a 250 28 A, but the pulse rating is way above this at 54 A.  https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna250
So in the 900-1000 mAh range you want a 30 C continuous battery, for 1300 mAh and above a 25 C (32.5 A) will be fine.  

(I deleted 2 posts, as they were off topic and not friendly)

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